Show-by-Show: Spirit Mountain 2-17-16

A fight to the finish! This week’s Wednesday show started out strong with six teams running roughshod all over each other. “The Drunks and the Driver” put in a strong showing in the first half, along with “Swedish Breastmilk” (who were fantastic artists, by the way), but they and indeed most of the others were casualties to this war of attrition. Only two teams remained steadfastly standing at the end of round six–all others had caved to the call of sleep or slot machines. Our brave heroes “The Soggy Bottom Boys” and “Dani’s Johns” stood their ground, though, and in the end the whole shebang was decided by only five points. Dani’s Johns won the day! Well done and congratulations!

BONUS: some lovely doodles from Swedish.

WP_20160217_001 WP_20160217_004

And the one we sent in reply. 😉


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