About Oregon Trivia

About Oregon Trivia

At Oregon Trivia, we understand that “nerd” is no dirty word.  We were founded by two Salem-born brothers and nerds of the highest order.  Knowledge is our stock in trade, and we love helping the fine people of Oregon (and beyond) discover the joys of celebrating nerd-hood.

So, what kind of nerd are you?  A sports nerd?  TV nerd?  Geography?  Video games?  The history of early Hungarian cabinet making???  No matter what variety of nerd you are, we can help.  Our entertaining live shows start where they should: with carefully researched, thoughtfully written questions that are sure to have you scratching your head, arguing with your friends, and vowing to study for the next show (by the way, don’t bother).  

The enthusiastic hosts at Oregon Trivia ensure that our high-quality questions are imbued with the proper sense of grandeur and mystery.  Also, they can be witty at times, and have no qualms about ribbing teams for particularly funny wrong answers.  These are professional nerds, after all.

Our unique format means that we can pack over 50 trivia questions, across six different categories, into one 2-hour show.  The action rarely stops along the way as teams fiercely compete to finish the night with the most points.  Those that fall short still leave with a sense of pride having learned a new factoid, enjoyed a fine night out, or made a pact to return next week and wreak havoc!

So bring a friend, a great uncle, your neighbor who knows something about hockey, Vicky from accounting… all of us are nerds of some shape or another, and all will have fun at the next Oregon Trivia show.




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